LET OP: De studio is op een kleine vakantie van 31 mei tot 9 juni. Maar je kunt je bestelling gewoon plaatsen 🙂
Op 10 juni gaan we met je bestelling aan de slag!


We would like to make new products, but then we also have to say goodbye to a few! Kill your darlings. These products are all in sale with a up to 50% discount! So be quick …. they are gone before you know 🙂



Get your vitamins… with the Strawberry pins !
This pin has one plug at the back.

Pin collection that consists of different types of fruit, delicacies and titties for the more adventurous type.

You can choose out of various quotes on the packaging that allow you to write a suiting message on your present.
Wear it with love 

Size of the pin: 3 x 1,5 x1