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Ode aan de MAYO



To show my love for the mayonnaise brand Zaanse mayonnaise, I created a porcelain version of the bottle.

The bottles have a loose cap. So you can use it with or without a cap. The bottles are glazed on the inside and unglazed on the outside

There is a red and a gold variant with and without the word zaanse.

Size: 25 x 6 cm

* Is your variant not in stock?
No problem, I’ll make it for you as soon as possible!
The delivery time will be between 5 and 10 working days.



Create a Little party with this porcelain wall confatties in your living room, children’s room, toilet  or where you need it! 😀

Do you need extra confetti or want to create your own set with a different colour combination this is the place to be!

Good to know:
– There are 5 colour options: Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue & Green.
– They are hollow and have a hole at the back so you can easily hang them on a nail at the chosen party place.

* At the moment the official packaging is not ready yet. That’s why you find the option:
I can’t wait, send it! ( Of course I will pack it like a little party for you 🙂 )
I want to wait for the package!