LET OP: De studio is op een kleine vakantie van 31 mei tot 9 juni. Maar je kunt je bestelling gewoon plaatsen 🙂
Op 10 juni gaan we met je bestelling aan de slag!



You can use this porcelain Whoopee Cushion as a wall vase or as a lying object. It comes in the colours Yellow, Rubber pink and Pink.


Colour: Yellow, Pink, Rubber pink (darker)
Finish: glazed or matte
Text: PFFF, POEPIE, SHIT, no text or custom text
Colour text: Gold 

You can choose your own text with a maximum of 6 letters. (+10,-)

If you want to know if the text fits well on the Whoopee Cushion, please send a message 🙂

For wholesale:
Do you want a custom whoopee cushion with your own text in your store? Your own word, sound or in another language, no problem! Send an email with your request to: sales@stook-jewelry.com and we will look into it together

Photo: @opdepost @ellenvoppen