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Create a Little party with our big porcelain wall confetti in your living room, children’s room, toilet or wherever you need a little party 😀

Good to know:
– The set consists of 2 single confetti in colour, 1 gold and 1 double confetti with a colour and gold
– The set consists a mix of the colour: Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue & Green.
– The single and double confetti are hollow and have a hole on the back so you can easily hang them on a nail at your chosen party place.

* Would you like a specific color combination? Make your choice within the above colour range. Please leave me a message with the color combination for the double, i will add the single confetti 🙂

* Would you like to add extra confetti? Through this link you can order or add single and double confetti to your order. Order In the available colours mentioned above.