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Create a Little party with our big porcelain wall confetti in your living room, children’s room, toilet or wherever you need a little party 😀

Good to know:
– The set consists of 3 single confetti and 1 double confetti
– The set consists of 5 colours: Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue & Green.
– The single and double confetti are hollow and have a hole on the back so you can easily hang them on a nail at your chosen party place.

* Would you like a specific color combination? Make your choice within the above colour range. Please leave me a message with the colour combination for the double, i will add the single confetti 🙂

* Would you like to add extra confetti? Through this link you can order or add single and double confetti to your order. Order In the available colours mentioned above.




Painting painting on the wall… why are you so super small?

These mini frames are available in a few colour options and there is a gold one to !
The painting can be easily removed and replaced with your own art.
With your Mini wall art you will get some surprising paintings. If you want to change this yourself , Print out your painting or picture and slide it back and now you have your favourite Come a bit closer to Discover my favourite art.

You can choose between a WALL ART( see how it works in the picture) or go for a PIN / BROCHE ART.

Size > 2,5 x 2 x 0,8

Custom Options

Picture & painting:
You can easily switch the picture in the frames, but if you would like to reserve the product with a picture of your choice. That no problem! Select Picture & Painting > I want my own. Please send your picture after your purchase to Sales@stook-jewelry.com and let us know your ordernumber.
If you are not sure your picture will fit or have any other question, please feel free to contact us!

It is possible to create your own package with logo.
Please send us a email for more information and see all the options and prices before purchase.